Burnout syndrome assessment



Burnout is a syndrome where one feels emotionally drained, indifferent towards the people in their work environment (depersonalization), and no longer valuable or capable of achieving results in what they do (the feeling of reduced personal achievement).

This often affects doctors and medical staff, psychologists, social workers, educators and other professionals whose work involves active communication with lots of people, for instance in customer service, professional training or care taking.

Our assessment, Burnout-Q, is based on Christina Maslach’s model of the burnout syndrome.

Target group

Burnout-Q can be used with anyone over the age of 18.

  • Emotional exhaustion.
  • Depersonalization.
  • Reduced personal achievement.

Publisher: Hestia Foundation
Publication date: 2015

Why choose Burnout-Q?

Burnout-Q contains 24 items and takes roughly 10 minutes to complete.

It can be taken either in hard copy, or online. In this case, the person taking the test gets and automatized link through the assessment platform Examinea. They can then take the test from any device connected to the Internet, at a time that is convenient for them.

The results are analyzed automatically by Examinea. The platform then generates a graphic interpretative report with the results, as well as practical guidelines.

Sample report

The quick and easy administration process of Burnout-Q makes it convenient for mass screening of employees and teams in a variety of organisational settings.

In addition, this test can assess the influence of burnout factors on the work performance and overall functioning of a specific employee, or a whole team.

Besides its function as a screening tool, Burnout-Q can be used for professional training on topics such as consequences of work-related stress and potential coping strategies. Based on the test, organisations can develop programs for supporting employees and teams.

The test can serve as a reference for receiving professional psychological support.

Test kit

100 BGN each
Contrains: instruction booklet; 10 answer sheets;10 reports in Examinea


6,60 BGN each
Graphic interpretative report in Examinea

Certification course

150 BGN attendee
One-day course for using the test

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