kidIf you think it matters that:

➤ The child development services you offer fulfill children’s present needs.

➤ Children are encouraged to actively participate in matters concerning their lives.

This is precisely what Hestia Foundation’s “My Opinion Matters” program offers.

„My Opinion Matters” is an innovative practical method which allows children to express their views, interests and preferences with regard to the services they use within child development institutions.

Hestia Foundation supports specialists and organisations in implementing the method in three ways:

Specialized training for specialists, for applying the program in their practice within organisations working with children;

Consultancy and supervision for applying the program in the assessment and development of services for children;

Service monitoring for organisations, using the program, and design of strategies and solutions for the development of these services.

The training is practically oriented and aims to enhance skills development around stimulating active child participation from an early age.

The program stimulates children’s active participation in the process of evaluating, improving and developing the services within such organisations. This method puts children in the role of experts on matters concerning their personal lives and is up to date with the latest trends in child development policies and standards.