Differential assessment of childhood and adolescent aggression



DAF is one of the few instruments that measure BOTH TYPES OF AGGRESSION (proactive and reactive) – resulting from the mechanisms which children use to decode and process social information, and the way in which they choose to react. Proactively and reactively aggressive children have different deficits in this area.

Target group

DAF can be used to assess children and adolescents between 10 and 18 years old.

  • Proactive aggression – instrumental aggression aimed at domination
  • Reactive aggression – protective aggression and aggression in response to anger
  • General aggression

Original publication: Hogrefe Verlag GmbH & Co.Kg
Bulgarian publication: Hestia Foundation
Publication date: 2017 г.

DAF appeals to me as an opportunity to guide specialists towards an approach to working with children displaying “aggressive” behaviours. Aggressive is in speech marks, because  sometimes, it can be defensive – and the test offers guidance in such cases too.

Yordanka Kakalova, psychologist

Why choose DAF?

Consisting of just 16 items, DAF takes about 10 minutes to complete.

It can be taken either in hard copy, or online. In this case, the person taking the test gets and automatized link through the assessment platform Examinea. They can then take the test from any device connected to the Internet, at a time that is convenient for them.

The results are analyzed automatically by Examinea. The platform then generates a graphic interpretative report with the results, as well as practical guidelines.

Sample Report

  • Aggression screening in schools and organisations, working with children.
  • Identification of aggressive behaviors.
  • Design of aggression prevention programs at school.
  • Design of individual and group interventions for aggressive children and adolescents.
  • Providing parents with specific recommendations for practical work with their children.

DAF is suitable for use by: child and adolescent psychologists, school psychologists and behavior support staff, counselors, speech therapists, SEN teachers and staff, social workers, educators and any other specialists working with children.

Test kit

80 BGN each
Contrains: instruction booklet; 10 answer sheets;10 Examinea reports


5.50 BGN each
Graphic interpretative report in Examinea

Certification course

270 BGN attendee
Two-day course for using the test

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